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Kerbal Space Program is a multi-genre spaceship and orbital aircraft building game. Build incredible flying machines, send funny aliens into outer space and search for new planets.

Kerbal Space Program Features

  • Customizable appearance of the spaceship,
  • Beautiful sky and ground locations,
  • You can take screenshots of the gameplay,
  • Adding new men to your crew,
  • Many career steps that increase the user’s rank,
  • Impressive exploration of space and the vast solar system,
  • Interesting backstory of the first kerbonaut Jebediah Jeb Kerman,
  • The latest version of Kerbol adds new tests in the gravitational field and in Earth orbit,
  • Kerbal Space Program mods and add-ons are available for download: Making History Expansion and Breaking Ground Expansion.


  • Integration with Steam and GOG PC Gamer,
  • Excellent and fast addictive gameplay,
  • Available multiplayer Program Live with other players,
  • Updated the map of ‘Muna’s Companion’ and ‘Space Kraken’,
  • Realistic physics, mechanics and high quality of detail,
  • A wide range of modding and individual parts for multi-stage starships,
  • Includes Simulation, Manage, Action, Stratege, Spacecraft Game genres.


  • English voice acting,
  • Does not support Windows XP and Vista,
  • The space simulator is in early access, crashes and bugs are possible,
  • More features in the full version of the game Kerbal Space Program V DLC 2017 PC.
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