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Keyboard solo on a computer is a time-tested keyboard simulator. Learn to type quickly, master the touch typing method with the help of the Keyboard Solo program for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, from the famous psychologist-journalist Vladimir Vladimirovich Shakhidzhanyan.

Keyboard solo features

  • 3D virtual keyboard with backlit keys,
  • Contains 20 additional tasks – surprises,
  • After completing a training course on the ‘blind ten-finger typing’ method, you will significantly increase the speed of printing, and, consequently, productivity,
  • The full timed touch typing course includes an additional 100 psychological tests that will allow the user to learn something new about themselves,
  • With the help of the training program, you can additionally improve your best character traits: endurance, determination and perseverance.


  • Friendly Russian-language interface,
  • More than 1500 aphorisms and quotes from famous people,
  • In the course there are auxiliary games,
  • The tasks include musical accompaniment written specifically for each lesson,
  • At the beginning and end of the course, you are asked to take a short test. With it, you can see your achievements,
  • All tasks performed are evaluated on a 5-point system. This will also allow you to objectively evaluate your results and successes,
  • The typing course is made up of 100 challenging, complete exercises, each designed to increase your typing speed and simplify your typing method.


  • Relatively short term of the free course,
  • In this version, only the course on the Russian layout of the computer keyboard is available for passing.
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