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King of Thieves is an Windows game in which you have to become the best thief and feel like a real criminal. Forget about the fact that it is not good to take someone else’s. Now your main goal is to rob opponents to the skin, win the Guild Arena and become the King of Thieves!

King of Thieves Features

  • Compete with other players for the throne,
  • Upgrade your throne to the maximum level,
  • Test your dexterity in 80 single levels,
  • Join a guild, unite against enemies,
  • Build your own dungeon with a unique layout,
  • Try to steal as many opponents as possible,
  • Create costumes – trendy robbers look cool,
  • Steal gold, precious stones and other valuables,
  • Gather your own clans or join ready ones,
  • Explore dungeons created by other players and devastate them,
  • Protect your treasures at all costs: design labyrinths, build defenses, build traps and watch how thieves fall into them.


  • Interface in Russian,
  • Favorite game of millions of players around the world,
  • Numerous different traps and labyrinths,
  • Colorful, original design, excellent graphics,
  • Leaderboards, constant gambling struggle for the first place,
  • Fascinating passage with missions, tasks and rewards,
  • Blue spheres (premium currency) are issued for each new level.


  • You will have to go through your own traps first (so that the game counts your dungeon as passable),
  • The only way to get unique stones is to win the tournament or steal from other users.
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