Kingsoft Office Suite download free from Windows

Kingsoft Office Suite 2013

Kingsoft Office Suite 2014 is the famous suite of office utilities and programs with which you can edit, save and open files. If you download Kingsoft Office Suite, the user will have the ability to create any Microsoft Office format.

Features of Kingsoft Office Suite

  • Work with different file formats, including PDF,
  • The office suite supports Microsoft files,
  • Ability to create multimedia presentations,
  • The program contains many features for the Microsoft package,
  • You can open, edit and create spreadsheet and text documents,
  • There is a function to create spreadsheets,
  • The new version of the Office Suite includes the ability to print any document at high speed,
  • In the presence of a sensible word processor.


  • Kingsoft Office has become functionally compatible with MS Office documents,
  • Successful optimization with Windows 7, 8,
  • Kingsoft Office Suite Free has a simple and intuitive interface,
  • Opening, viewing and editing files has become even easier and faster than in previous modifications,
  • A useful package can be downloaded for free,
  • Kingsoft Writer formats are compatible with Microsoft Word,
  • The utility helps to manage the export of any files to PDF,
  • Using office applications has become much easier,
  • The utility provides a large base of functionality for working with documents.


  • There is no full-fledged Russian version,
  • The document creation tool, in rare cases, can cause system lag,
  • Kingsoft Office Free may take a long time to open certain types of files.
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