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KMPlayer is one of the leaders in the ranking of players, which has gained popularity due to the playback of all known video and audio formats. It has a large number of auxiliary features, tools and has a beautiful interface. The media player has a built-in codec pack.

Features of KMPlayer

  • Support for major formats DVD, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, , Ogg, OGM, WMA, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, VCD , RealMedia and QT,
  • Effect settings when watching a video,
  • Support for subtitles of various formats,
  • Adjusting the playback speed of volume, brightness, contrast,
  • Creating screenshots and capturing video in high quality with subsequent saving to separate files,
  • Command line for advanced users,
  • Smart work with sound – muting, night mode, smooth attenuation,
  • Ability to work with 3D formats,
  • Playing streaming video Live Video.


  • The versatility and omnivorousness of the media player – you need to download the kmp player, and you will receive a program for playing any movies and music,
  • Integrated codecs (built-in) – the video player does not require the installation of add-ons,
  • Good performance on modern computers – KM Player instantly opens a viewing window,
  • Russified interface with a large number of effects and settings to make watching videos more comfortable,
  • The video player is distributed free of charge and is often automatically updated from the official website,
  • Awarded multiple times as the best video player on PC.


  • Demanding on system resources,
  • Complicated menu, sometimes it takes a lot of time to find simple functions – for example, flip the video 90 ‘, etc.,
  • Sometimes unstable in work, to play the video requires restarting the player.
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