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Knock-Knock-Knock Windows device game – atmospheric Horror from the developers of the Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge. The tenant believes that at night he is visited by bizarre guests from the depths of the dense forest. Can you help?


  • Interface language – Russian,
  • The game has several locations: a forest and a house,
  • Simple and clear management of the tenant, with a third-person view,
  • The game is a solid puzzle, keeps you in suspense until the very end,
  • The graphic component and the soundtrack create a rather gloomy atmosphere,
  • The main character is quite lively: he has a charismatic character and constantly mumbles something under his breath,
  • An enticing, confusing and ambiguous plot – only a long-lost diary completely collected from the leaves will bring clarity,
  • In the course of passing, the horror grows more and more, and this is very positive for this genre of games. Ahead is always something that surprises and terrifies even more than before.


  • Monotonous gameplay,
  • Game optimization leaves much to be desired,
  • There is no ‘Exit game’ button,
  • There is no hint system at all,
  • Periodically crashes directly from the main menu,
  • In some episodes, the screen is very dark and you can not see what is happening,
  • Content is distributed for a fee, although the cost is quite small,
  • Some levels are much more difficult, and some seem completely impassable,
  • There are problems with downloading additional files on the first download after purchase,
  • Developers are reluctant to help when difficulties arise and sometimes do not even respond to numerous complaints!
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