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Raster graphics editor Krita will help you create and process various images. Contains a large set of tools for illustrators, artists and photographers with many filters, layers, and special effects.


  • Graphic tablet support,
  • Work with a variety of color models, a wide selection of brushes, there are blending, filtering layers and masks,
  • The presence of retouching tools, editing in different color spaces,
  • Import of photos in RAW format is available,
  • High-quality processing of digital painting and art paintings,
  • Opening common graphic formats such as png, jpeg, ppm, psd, bmp and others,
  • All sorts of built-in dynamic filters, the ability to simulate canvas materials.


  • Proper program optimization with Windows 10,
  • It is possible to rotate and mirror the canvas, which can be conditionally infinite,
  • The presence of adjustment layers for efficient image processing,
  • The latest version was endowed with interaction with various Lab, RGB, CMYK color models,
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems are supported,
  • The utility received an open source code,
  • Customizable interface language – Russian, English and others,
  • The official site provides periodic updates to its software.


  • There may be compatibility issues with the IntelHD Graphics display adapter.
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