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LA Noire is a thrilling detective story set in 1940s Hollywood. Policeman Cole Phelps will have a lot of investigations related to kidnappings, murders, corruption and so on. Fight crime and don’t let the top mafia rule the legendary metropolis.

Features L.A. Noire

  • Large open locations,
  • Convenient line of health and armor,
  • Exciting tasks with a partner,
  • A variety of costumes for the detective,
  • Driving different vehicles,
  • You can take screenshots of game moments,
  • A wide selection of different weapons is available,
  • Furious chases and shootouts with criminals,
  • Opportunity to inspect the crime scene in detail,
  • An interesting trailer with a plot and an atmospheric soundtrack,
  • There are versions of LA Noire for PC and Xbox One, 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Switch consoles.


  • Russian subtitles L.A. noir,
  • Nothing is cut or recoded,
  • Realistic physics, mechanics and gameplay,
  • The main characters are endowed with unique skills,
  • High-quality graphics (similar to GTA and Red Dead Redemption),
  • The release of the Department of Morals brought together over 10 million fans,
  • Includes Action, Adventure, Third-person, 3D Game genres,
  • Impressive animation using MotionScan technology,
  • Publisher Rockstar Games has released the second part of the detective action adventure.


  • English voice acting La Noire (you can put a crack from softclub),
  • When installing patches and running mods, you should disable the firewall.
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