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Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC is a creepy and incredibly dynamic action game about the world of bloodthirsty monsters. In the near future, an unknown virus has turned people into the walking dead. Now chaos reigns all over the world, only you can save the survivors and stop the zombie apocalypse.

Features of Last Day on Earth: Survival

  • Creation of new characters,
  • Automatic search for the necessary resources,
  • Rescue of local residents and comrades,
  • There are several game scenarios,
  • The ability to think through your own tactics,
  • Allows you to attack bases and destroy opponents,
  • A large number of wild animals, zombies and other threats,
  • Invitation to your team of other players from all over the world,
  • Collection of useful items to improve the hero and your allies,
  • Exploration of abandoned forests, deserted cities and other locations.


  • Availability of game currency,
  • Exploring new territories,
  • Fine-tuning control,
  • Easy installation on PC or laptop,
  • A huge number of weapons and armor,
  • Atmospheric soundtrack,
  • Quick authorization through Google account,
  • Built-in chat allows you to communicate with other gamers,
  • Possibility of endless crafting from useful resources,
  • High-quality graphics and realistic animation effects,
  • Last Day on Ears is in the TOP of the most popular zombie action games on the Play Store,
  • Synchronization of the saves of the game Last Day on Earth: Survival on the computer and mobile devices.


  • Rare game crashes on PC when authorizing through a Google profile,
  • Some items and complex resources can only be purchased with real money.

System requirements for Windows games on a computer :

  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7,
  • RAM: 2 GB,
  • From 100 MB of free disk space,
  • Processor Intel Pentium IV with a clock frequency of 2000 MHz.
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