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LastPass is a user-friendly password storage app that works across multiple browsers, PCs, and mobile devices. Your personal data will be reliably protected from network attacks and keyloggers.


  • Work in online mode,
  • Create a local group for your devices,
  • Built-in form autocompletion for allowed sites,
  • Installation as a plug-in for popular web browsers,
  • Generation of a special code for authentication of the account owner,
  • Password data is stored in a safe place, confidentiality protection is guaranteed.


  • Quick access to your personal account,
  • Intuitive main menu, convenient operation,
  • Saves frequently visited web resources to favorites,
  • Data import option, you can share passwords with friends,
  • Synchronization between multiple systems, including MacOS and Linux,
  • Checking the strength of the entered password to protect against spyware.


  • More functionality in the Premium version.
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