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Lazarus is a free Object Pascal software development environment for the Free Pascal Compiler. Provides a set of tools for creating GUI applications, console utilities and dynamic libraries.

Features of Lazarus

  • Fully unicode interface,
  • One click launch of Lazarus project,
  • Implemented on-screen tips and the Help section,
  • Includes a two-pane file manager,
  • The form editor and object inspector are as close as possible to Delphi,
  • Text formatting out of the box using Jedi Code Format mechanisms,
  • Allows you to develop multi-threaded applications with cross-platform parameters,
  • Support for two assembler styles: Intel and AT&T (supported by the compiler),
  • A module for automatically checking your code for errors, displaying the correct properties with comments,
  • The new version of Lazarus works with dlls, gtk, gtk1 (win32), gtk2 (win64), carbon, qt, qt4 interface, etc.


  • Based on FreePascal,
  • Work with OS Windows XP and above,
  • Low system requirements of Lazarus,
  • Customizing input using hotkeys,
  • Use of EDI data exchange technology,
  • The EXE installation file can be downloaded to a USB flash drive,
  • Support for many types of syntax and encoding,
  • In the absence of errors, the executable compiles fairly quickly,
  • You can compile from scratch or create an application using Lazarus templates,
  • It is possible to compile programs for Mac OS version xe4, xe2,
  • The presence of a convenient command line, code editor and refactoring panel,
  • Freely distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License,
  • An easy transition for Delphi programmers, thanks to the proximity of LCL to VCL (there are functions for converting Delphi projects).


  • The lack of a sensible textbook for beginners, a significant part of the training materials will have to be searched on the Internet.
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