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League of Legends for PC is an action-strategy multiplayer role-playing game similar in many ways to World of Warcraft III. Travel across a huge magical world, recruit unique characters into your own squad, fight hordes of enemies and get generous rewards.

League of Legends Features

  • The presence of a tournament ladder,
  • The abundance of various characters and creatures,
  • A wide selection of weapons and magic spells,
  • The League of Legends game received Russian voice acting,
  • Many options for destroying an enemy object,
  • A huge universe, complete freedom of action is available,
  • The presence of a console for text communication with other gamers,
  • Ability to take screenshots and videos of the gameplay,
  • The app is regularly updated by the Riot Games Community,
  • Fierce multiplayer battles in the eSports arena,
  • Fast loading of Legends League and automatic connection to the server.


  • Russian-language interface,
  • Highly detailed locations,
  • High-quality and beautiful graphics,
  • Pleasant soundtrack,
  • Addictive and dynamic gameplay,
  • It is one of the best in the MOBA Free to Play genre,
  • There are Russian-language servers for online games,
  • Quick registration on the official website of Riot Games,
  • Ability to develop different skills of your character,
  • Compatibility of the application with all modern versions of Windows,
  • Millions of accounts of other gamers with whom you can create alliances.


  • A stable internet connection is required.
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