LEGO Digital Designer download free from Windows

Lego Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer for Windows (LDD) is a free virtual building kit for creating 3D LEGO models. An unlimited number of details and special elements will allow any user to create their brightest ideas in the Lego style. Upload your finished creations and view other people’s work in a shared gallery on the app’s official website.

Features LEGO Digital Designer

  • Design without limits, relying on your own imagination,
  • Download ready-made models uploaded by other users to the online gallery,
  • Upload finished models created using a 3D graphic editor to the general gallery on the official LDD website.


  • A large number of various details,
  • Sufficiently well-drawn graphics,
  • A huge selection of 3d objects based on a real Lego constructor,
  • The application takes up very little space on your hard drive,
  • For new users, a mode of ready-made models is provided,
  • All parts are grouped by size and categorized for convenience,
  • Any detail or element of the designer can be painted at your discretion,
  • Simple and user-friendly interface of the program, which will be clear even to a small child,
  • LEGO Digital Designer for laptop and computer is distributed free of charge,
  • In the process of creating a 3d model, the workspace can be zoomed in, zoomed out and rotated at any angle,
  • There is a view mode, during which the background of the workspace and the model in particular can be changed to any color,
  • The “Building guide mode” function is built in, which allows you to see how your finished model from Lego was created step by step,
  • By saving your projects in LXF format in the future, you can show off them with friends and gallery visitors on the official website.


  • Rarely, but still crashes,
  • The colors of the details are quite unpleasant,
  • Management is inconvenient, but it’s a matter of time,
  • Design requires precision skills,
  • When compared to the material version, there are a lot of details missing.
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