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Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a popular action game created especially for fans of Marvel comics. You are waiting for dynamic confrontation between superheroes and villains, collect the legendary team of the Avengers from Lego and go to save humanity and our entire planet.

Features Lego Marvel Super Heroes

  • Built-in achievement board,
  • A wide range of different locations,
  • Russian voice acting and interface,
  • Over a hundred familiar Marvel heroes,
  • Interesting plot, many tasks and quests,
  • The presence of a constructor of objects and equipment,
  • The ability to develop the abilities of characters,
  • Supported cooperative mode of passage,
  • You can take screenshots and record gameplay on video,
  • Colorful villains, each of which has its own script,
  • Installation of add-ons Disney Infinity, DLC Asgard Battle, Avengers and so on is available.


  • Beautiful story trailer,
  • Excellent sound design,
  • Audio recoded to Dolby Digital,
  • Does not require additional registration,
  • Contains Action, 3D, 3rd Person genres,
  • Having amazing gameplay,
  • You can enjoy the humor of your team members,
  • Control adapted for keyboard, mouse or gamepad,
  • High-quality graphics, animations, physics and mechanics,
  • Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment keeps the action updated regularly,
  • There are versions of the game Lego Marvel Super Heroes for PC, Sony Playstation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.


  • Rare crashes when setting up control keys and saving changes.
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