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Lego The Lord of the Rings for Windows is an epic arcade game created based on the famous film trilogy by Peter Robert Jackson by the developers of Warner Bros. Studio. entertainment. Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure game with LEGO figures!


  • Bright 3D graphics,
  • Interesting tasks,
  • Addictive gameplay,
  • Russian interface language,
  • The game has signature humor,
  • Several control options in the game,
  • Nice smooth character animation,
  • Introduced original soundtracks and dialogue,
  • Several modes: storyline and free play,
  • In LEGO Lord of the Rings on Windows, advertising content and donations are completely absent,
  • The characters are qualitatively visualized – it is impossible not to recognize the favorite heroes of the film trilogy in them,
  • In the course of the passage of the story part, more than 90 playable characters are unlocked: Galadriel, Elrond, Arvena, Radagast Karius, Saruman, Sauron …


  • No gamepad support,
  • In comparison with the console version – cut down by almost a third,
  • The free play mode isn’t impressive, but it’s good for passing the time,
  • The game is distributed for a fee and the price is much too high, because the full version on the PC costs the same,
  • The game is a little unfinished: the trees and fields in Rivendell are pixelated, while everything else is done in perfect Lego style,
  • When: Entering gameplay and clicking New Game, creating a character, and completing a mission, there are intermittent crashes followed by a crash.
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