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LibreOffice is an office suite that consists of several applications responsible for writing text, building tables, editing formulas and creating presentations. There is a built-in graphics editor, as well as support for any common office formats. It is worth noting that this utility will easily replace the standard Office tool from Microsoft Windows, giving you an equally extensive range of tools.

Features of LibreOffice

  • A modern package of office applications for the most efficient and complete work,
  • Opening and creating spreadsheets, as well as a graphics and text editor,
  • Stable updates from the official website of the developer,
  • Good optimization scores with Windows 10,
  • The new version of Libre Office has received advanced database management functions,
  • Various office formats are supported, there is a built-in formula editor,
  • High-quality processing of text information, work with presentations and Base databases.


  • The free program is open source,
  • Modern interface, has a Russian menu shell,
  • Launching all kinds of text documents and graphics,
  • Any current Windows operating system is supported, as well as Mac OS,
  • Virtually any text, tabular, as well as vector and graphic file format is opened,
  • The LibreOffice package is very fast.


  • Free office suite, requires enough resources from your computer,
  • The first launch process will take some time,
  • There are several serious analogues.
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