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Lineage 2

Lineage 2 is a legendary online role-playing game that is one of the best representatives of the MMORPG genre. Explore a huge world filled with an abundance of secrets and mysteries, meet other players traveling across the expanses of beautiful Aden in search of adventure and friends.

Lineage 2 Features

  • Availability of PVP and PVE modes,
  • Finding, buying and selling items,
  • A huge number of different weapons,
  • Absolutely new combat system,
  • Many special tasks and quests,
  • There is a clean client of the game Lineage 2,
  • Open world, complete freedom of action,
  • Accelerated pumping of your character is available,
  • Allows you to form alliances with other users.


  • Many new races,
  • There is a Russian interface language,
  • Well-designed locations,
  • Atmospheric soundtrack,
  • Developed character leveling system up to level 99,
  • Hardware acceleration function for weak computers,
  • A large number of friendly and aggressive creatures,
  • Ability to play on the server Lineage Interlude, Grand Crusade, High Five, etc.


  • You can’t miss some screensavers,
  • There is no Russian voice acting,
  • Rare crashes in the official Lineage server,
  • High speed internet connection required.
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