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Lords Mobile for PC will take you to the fairy-tale world of the Middle Ages, in which you will need to build your own castle, raise an army and go to conquer neighboring territories. The military strategy received an interesting plot, dynamic gameplay and high-quality graphic implementation.

Features of Lords Mobile

  • Variety of territories,
  • Large selection of characters,
  • Joining different guilds,
  • Creation of unique heroes,
  • Raising the morale of their troops,
  • Many subtleties of team play,
  • Various bonuses and rewards for achievements,
  • Allows you to create an alias for the user,
  • Construction of defensive lines and fortifications,
  • Battles with other players in real time,
  • Dynamic fights with powerful bosses and dark lords,
  • Capturing new territories, collecting resources, destroying enemy armies,
  • Regular updates of the application from the official website of the developer.


  • Simple and clear control in the game,
  • Colorful and bright locations and objects,
  • Built-in training system for beginners,
  • A large number of various units,
  • Increasing the characteristics of your character,
  • The distribution of military forces in different parts of the location,
  • Excellent graphics, colorful animation effects,
  • Four types of troops: infantry, cavalry, archers and siege weapons,
  • The presence of a built-in store with applications from Igg.com,
  • It occupies a high position in the strategy genre with elements of MMO RPG on the Google market,
  • The ability to collect resources and use them to strengthen your kingdom.


  • There may be rare crashes when starting on Win8,
  • For the correct operation of Lord Mobile on a PC, access to the Internet is required,
  • Most of the unique resource items are available for a fee,
  • Many popular analogues: Castle Clash, Heroes: Dragon Age, Dungeon Keeper, Clash of Lords, Clash of Clans, etc.

System requirements for Windows games on a computer :

  • OS Windows XP and above,
  • From 1 GB of RAM,
  • Hard disk space: from 150 MB,
  • Processor: Pentium III with a clock frequency of 1200 MHz.
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