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Lost Ark is a unique fusion of traditional Action-RPGs and old-school MMORPGs, featuring a huge open world and complete freedom of action. Travel through uncharted land and sea locations, create your own colonies, develop various character skills and much more.

Lost Ark features

  • A wide selection of equipment for your hero,
  • Special arenas for fights with bosses,
  • Gamers will be able to play in PvP and PvE modes,
  • Automatic selection of live opponents and mobs,
  • Multiple camera scaling without loss of quality,
  • Additional bonuses and a set of goods for completing quests,
  • A fascinating and dynamic plot, many interesting tasks,
  • Detailed management instructions, hint at the first start,
  • There are versions of the online game Lost Ark 2019 for PC, Sony PlayStation, Xbox 360.


  • The presence of Russian-language voice acting,
  • Extremely simple client installation,
  • Graphics made on the Unreal Engine,
  • Colorful trailers, various guides and events,
  • Regular updates from Korean developers,
  • Fast connection to servers with participants from the CIS countries,
  • Added new archetypes of assassins (fury and blade of death),
  • Combines Action, MMORPG, Adventure, Isometric Games genres,
  • Implemented an improved system of farming and upgrading skills,
  • High-quality visualization of objects, excellent physics and mechanics.


  • Availability of in-game purchases of additional content,
  • To start playing, you need to register and create an account,
  • Still under testing, so there may be rare bugs.
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