LoviVkontakte download free from Windows


LoviVkontakte is a free application for the well-known social network VKontakte, which allows you to search and download music. The built-in player allows you to play saved content in high quality.

Features of LoviVkontakte

  • Supports popular browsers,
  • Integration into the interface of the VKontakte website,
  • Easy download of files with one click,
  • Sorting content by artists and albums,
  • Listening to music in the built-in player,
  • Completion of the download is accompanied by a sound signal,
  • Notifications about new messages and news from the system tray,
  • There is a version of LoviVkontakte for Windows mobile devices,
  • Quick authorization using the login and password from your account.


  • High download speed,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Huge selection of melodies and clips,
  • Easy to use control,
  • Many additional settings,
  • Adding music tracks to albums,
  • The new version of the LoviVkontakte program is compatible with Windows 8,
  • Displays the size and quality next to each audio and video recording.


  • Catch VK Does not support Windows 10 and Mac OS X,
  • There are no software updates from the official website of the developer.
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