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Macros Effects is a useful application for installing custom macros on regular mice. Allows you to run macros from A4TECH X7 written in Oscar Editor in AMC format. Suitable for all mouse models.

Macros Effects Features: Macroskin (ME)

  • Minimize the utility window to tray,
  • Fine-tuning axes and coordinates,
  • Emulates the functionality of the A4TECH x7 mouse,
  • Simple process of recording the desired values,
  • Helps to avoid routine button presses,
  • In-game app transparent screen option,
  • Eliminates cursor delays when aiming,
  • You can enable or disable the replay feature,
  • Allows you to quickly create free macros,
  • The program works with different devices from Logitech, ACME, Gembird, Genius, etc.


  • There is no risk of a ban for cheats,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Ideal crosshair movement in shooters,
  • Does not knock down control configurations in games,
  • The interface of the program Macros Effects in Russian,
  • Editing the work of the macro during the gameplay,
  • Automatic saving of scripts in the memory of your PC,
  • Added and optimized parameters from the Bloody x7 gaming mouse,
  • Pasting script commands Recorder Macro Keys from a regular notepad,
  • HELP section with detailed information and video instruction for novice users.


  • It is not possible to write down and load commands for the keyboard,
  • The official website http does not work, there are no updates,
  • To run the software correctly, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed on the computer.
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