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The MapKeyboard application for laptop and computer is a small free program for changing the standard layout of the buttons on the keyboard. It is especially useful for users of non-standard keyboards, so if you are one of them, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with its features and benefits!

MapKeyboard Features

  • Highlight remapped keyboard keys,
  • Work simultaneously with multiple keyboards,
  • Completely disable or easily remap any keyboard key,
  • Reset the changes made to standard values ​​with a single button,
  • Create a series of hotkeys for work or ease of control in your favorite game,
  • Save convenient options for the layout of the buttons on the keyboard as a separate file on your hard drive, for restoration at the most necessary moment.


  • Very fast installation,
  • Simple and clear interface,
  • Completely easy to use,
  • The utility is portable, installation is not required,
  • The application does not have any extraneous functions,
  • All changes to the keyboard layout are made using the mouse,
  • Optimized for any modification of the Windows operating system,
  • For all changes to take effect, it is enough to “log in” to the OS or restart the PC,
  • Very relevant for devices where the layout differs significantly from the standard 101-key keyboard,
  • It makes it possible to restore the necessary keys that have stopped working for mechanical reasons by remapping.


  • MapKeyboard on a Windows computer hasn’t been updated in a while,
  • The program does not provide the ability to change additional keys, in case you are a happy owner of an extended keyboard.
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