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MCPE Master is a launcher for Minecraft with which you can customize characters and change server settings. Supports any version of Minecraft, including licensed and pirated.

Features of Master for Minecraft-Launcher

  • Tools for installing mods,
  • Quick inventory editing,
  • Allows you to change the weather and time of day,
  • Launching additional light sources,
  • Joystick control supported,
  • Ability to change textures for skins and maps,
  • Sending new features to other Minecraft PE players,
  • The inclusion of invisibility, flight, immortality, and so on,
  • Setting the location of items and other available elements.


  • Float support,
  • Low system requirements,
  • The ability to enchant items,
  • Developers regularly add new textures, mods and seeds,
  • Compatibility of MCPE Master with Windows 4.0 and above,
  • Simple and convenient management of all options in the main menu,
  • Built-in own tools for preparing and creating a server.


  • The map may take some time to load,
  • It is necessary to turn on the Minecraft PE program after starting the game.
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