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Today, Maxthon Browser is positioned as a functional cloud browser for Windows, iOS, but few people know that from 2010 until today it has been among the top dozen browsers for PCs running Windows, Mac. Thanks to several unique features, the program is worthy of attention.


  • Support for Adobe Flash technology,
  • Quick search tool on the Internet,
  • Customization of the interface, tabs, mouse gestures,
  • Address bar management, URL aliases,
  • There are versions of Maxthon for iOS, Windows and Windows from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7,
  • Restoring the session in case of an error,
  • View multiple web pages on a split screen,
  • Grouping of bookmarks with the function of their simultaneous loading,
  • Integrated ad blocking (AdBlock Plus filters),
  • Instant saving of the text of the page through ‘Cloud Notepad’,
  • Ability to use third-party extensions, Internet Explorer plug-ins.


  • There is a night mode,
  • Can take screenshots,
  • Convenient toolbar,
  • Customizable mouse gestures,
  • Built-in plugin support,
  • Activation of additional functions,
  • Simple user interface,
  • Fine-tuning page display,
  • Allows you to backup important information,
  • Work with browser engines Microsoft Trident, WebKit,
  • Ability to synchronize data with any device,
  • The new version of the Maxthon 5 browser is compatible with Windows 10,
  • Creating text notes with the ability to correct errors,
  • Automatic software updates from the website of the Chinese company Maxton,
  • Own cloud – cloud storage with a large amount of free space,
  • The new ad hunter is good at blocking malicious websites and ad content.


  • Separate installation of the Russian assembly of Maxthon Russian Edition.
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