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MEmu is an emulator for the Windows system, the main purpose of which is to work with toys. The program functions even with the most ‘heavy’ applications and includes a base with extensive settings.

Features of MEmu App Player

  • Fully customizable screen resolution,
  • Installable keyboard and mouse controls,
  • Downloading APK files is available, including directly from the Google Play Market (pre-login through an account),
  • Integrated ES Explorer,
  • A cursor for shooting, a gravity sensor and other parameters set according to your preferences and needs (the presence of key bindings to an action),
  • Differs in support of OpenGL 2.0+,
  • Simulate a custom location for GPS services,
  • There is a developed navigation bar, a comfortable desktop,
  • Create screenshots and save them on your PC or laptop in popular formats.


  • Reasonable system requirements (Intel and AMD processors are supported even with a small number of cores, a moderate load of available RAM, does not take up a lot of hard disk space),
  • Advanced MEmu settings provide high performance and compatibility with mobile games,
  • FPS boost equivalent to flagship smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet,
  • Stable updates from the resource of the official website,
  • Interface language Russian,
  • Connecting a Google account for running applications from mobile devices,
  • Opens shared folders, music, videos, photos and so on,
  • The new version of the program is optimized for current platforms, ranging from Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 10 with x64, x86 bit depth,
  • There is a nice taskbar and a virtual keyboard with layouts to choose from for easy operation,
  • The ability to install on a large screen resolution FullHD or 720p.


  • Somewhat busy interface,
  • There are a lot of flaws in the built-in application catalog.
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