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Meowsim app is a pet simulator with an incredibly cute cartoon character. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this plump baby!


  • In-game catalog with a set of original storylines,
  • Colorful graphics, original drawing style with comical elements,
  • Low system requirements (for game version 1.4.0 – Windows 4.0 and higher),
  • Generating an original plot and animation for each gender of the animal,
  • Interesting gameplay: as the main character grows, new tasks appear,
  • Beautiful location – large apartment with many rooms, functional decor,
  • You can furnish an apartment to your taste by buying building materials, household appliances and furniture,
  • A bunch of toys for the cat: balls, mice, bows, teddy bears and even a radio-controlled helicopter,
  • A set of products for feeding: meat, sausages, dry food, canned food, sweets, a glass of water and other drinks, etc.


  • There are few exciting mini-games in which you can earn in-game currency.
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