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Microsoft Office Access 2007 is one of the best database management systems. Allows you to create and edit office documents, organize reporting, supports the sharing function.

Features of Microsoft Access 2007

  • Convenient layout mode,
  • The choice of the form of reports is available,
  • Shared access to information,
  • Fast table creation process,
  • Many ready-made templates for databases,
  • Import, export of documents in PDF, XPS format,
  • Allows you to keep records of small and large projects,
  • The ability to upgrade the software to the new version of Access 2016,
  • Getting started with the application, using a step-by-step wizard,
  • Integration with other office products Publisher, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.


  • Multilingual interface,
  • Free download of plugins,
  • Performing complex calculations,
  • Quick installation of the application,
  • Setting the field type and markup,
  • Customizable screen resolution,
  • Low system requirements,
  • New opportunities for creating macros,
  • Small installation file size,
  • Built-in data filtering function,
  • Microsoft Access 2007 compatible with Windows XP and above.


  • There are no software updates.
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