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Microsoft Edge is a new browser for Windows 10, featuring high speed and user-friendly minimalistic interface. Support for the entire stack of network technologies currently in use speaks of the high quality of the browser.

Features of Microsoft Edge

  • Search from the Windows address bar, use the Cortana voice assistant to quickly find information,
  • SmartScreen filter will protect your personal data from intruders,
  • Reading mode, with the help of which only text remains on the page and no pictures, widgets, advertising banners can distract you,
  • Support for Flash that runs inside a separate process – videos will no longer be included automatically by default.


  • A large number of settings,
  • Stylish visual shell of the program,
  • Consumes less power than other popular browsers,
  • Interface for quick note-taking with text, illustrations,
  • Voice control, for people with disabilities,
  • High performance and debugging tools for developers.


  • It is difficult to change the default search engine in the official browser,
  • And although it is possible to change the theme, so far only two are available – light and dark,
  • You can run the proprietary Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 7 only with the help of special software – a virtual machine.
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