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Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is a popular spreadsheet and formula application. It contains many convenient options for quick editing of documents, as well as their additions with various charts and graphs.

Features of Microsoft Excel 2007

  • Adding graphic components,
  • Built-in text formatters,
  • Available control using hot keys,
  • Fine-tuning the appearance of the toolbar,
  • Collaboration on projects with other users,
  • Ability to quickly process large amounts of information,
  • Support for the latest version of Excel 2007 Windows XP and above,
  • Export / import of different file extensions from similar programs,
  • Software integration with Microsoft office applications (Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook).


  • Convenient layout mode,
  • Russian interface language,
  • Setting up a sheet for printing,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Smooth image smoothing,
  • Small installation file size,
  • Adjustable number of rows and columns,
  • Tools for quick work with formulas,
  • Supports all major formats XPS, PDF and so on,
  • Ability to upgrade previous versions of Microsoft Excel 2003 – 2010 to Excel 2016,
  • You get a number of convenient tools for competent and clear systematization of materials.


  • More of a feature in the modern counterpart from Office 2016,
  • Crashes may occur when opening documents from Microsoft PowerPoint,
  • Quite a lengthy installation process on Windows Vista.
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