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MS Excel Online is a simple and convenient web service for creating and editing tables. Demonstrates excellent interaction with popular browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. Allows you to view and edit the content of your documents from any device that is signed in to your Microsoft account.

Features of Microsoft Excel Online

  • The Google Play Store and the App Store have a version of the mobile app,
  • Synchronization with OneDrive, Yandex Disk, cloud, Windows Live storage,
  • Allows you to create an empty sheet or use one of the standard templates,
  • Ready-made projects can be downloaded and uploaded on the computer on which Excel is installed,
  • A separate visual display window that allows you to see your add-ons in more detail,
  • Availability of options for adding, selecting, copying and deleting through the context menu,
  • Fine-tuning font parameters and their colors, you can add text inscriptions, pictures, videos,
  • Function of automatic filtering, search, replacement, filling and filling of cells (can be filled and sorted manually),
  • Insert spreadsheet from Google Sheets, Zoho Sheet, WPS Spreadsheet, OpenOffice Calc, LibreOffice, Accel Spreadsheets.


  • Quick opening of the plugin in the main browser window,
  • Full macro recording, can generate a report,
  • User privacy is protected by encryption,
  • Correct formatting of columns, rows and each cell,
  • High-quality visualization to improve the readability of content,
  • There was a built-in hint and a reference book for beginners,
  • Advanced means of iterative calculation of formulas are presented,
  • Does not require installation, compatible with the application installed on the PC,
  • Thanks to several new filters, it has become much easier to work with documents,
  • Able to instantly create a table and help make precise adjustments to it,
  • Excel supports more than 400 hotkey combinations (using mouse and keyboard),
  • Integration with Online Excel Viewer, Word Web, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook com and the rest of the list of software from Office 365.


  • Internet connection required,
  • Rare crashes when trying to open a file from Power Point,
  • To get advanced functionality, you need to purchase a paid version of Excel.
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