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Microsoft Math Solver is an easy-to-use math assistant with a high level of artificial intelligence. Provides assistance in solving problems in algebra, arithmetic and trigonometry.

Features of Microsoft Math Solver

  • Quick results,
  • Convenient recording and editing of examples,
  • Saving user entries to favorites,
  • Displaying a detailed solution in a step-by-step mode,
  • Copes well with arithmetic combinations of any complexity,
  • Working with the device’s camera, can import photos from folders,
  • Solves fractions, matrices, systems of equations, linear, non-linear graphs, etc.,
  • The function of checking the learned material, searching for similar examples in Internet sources.


  • Low system requirements,
  • The presence of the Help tab for beginners,
  • Touch input (similar to writing on paper),
  • Scan multiple files at the same time,
  • Fully automated calculation procedure,
  • Intuitive interface, Russian localization,
  • The calculator is distributed absolutely free of charge,
  • The Microsoft Math Solver App is also available online,
  • Support for feedback from MathSupport on via email.


  • Does not work with Windows XP, Vista.
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