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Windows XP SP3 is one of the most popular operating system versions from Microsoft. Part of the Windows NT family, compared to its predecessors, offers a new user interface, improved multitasking and enhanced functionality.

Features of Microsoft Windows XP SP3

  • Encryption of files and folders using the EFS method,
  • Comfortable viewing of multimedia in different formats,
  • Setting the resolution of the VGA display from 800×600 and higher,
  • Productive work on single and multiprocessor PCs,
  • Adaptation of the graphical interface to the rotation of the display,
  • Lots of software installed by default,
  • Compatible with most popular programs and services,
  • System backup and recovery tools,
  • Added new CLI command line interface (console cmd.exe),
  • Remote access to files and folders between local network users,
  • Installing the OS distribution from the bootloader or launching it via a virtual Live CD.


  • Updated BIOS,
  • Availability of an OEM license,
  • Built-in net Framework,
  • A complete guide for beginners,
  • Using NT 5.2 kernel version,
  • You can work without an activation key,
  • Encrypted file system NTFS, FAT32,
  • More than 95% of ATMs are based on WINXP,
  • Work with old PC Pentium, Celeron, Athlon,
  • Supports installation of patches and add-ons,
  • Quick switching between windows of open programs,
  • Russian language interface language, easy operation, does not require an activator,
  • Connecting to a TV, controlling a computer or laptop via the remote control,
  • You can install the 2017 update package (releases Zver rus and VL ru edition corporate with built-in WinRar and other software),
  • Easy transition from previous versions 98, 2000, Server 2003, Linux, Fundamentals Legacy PCS, XP SP1, SP2 to SP3, taking into account the transfer of files and settings.


  • Lack of technical support,
  • The need to downgrade some software,
  • Increased vulnerability to penetration by the Wannacry worm,
  • The official website has stopped updating Windows XP Professional SP3 (x32, x64) since 2014.
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