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WordPad is a free, simple and convenient application for working with text documents of various formats. Included in the standard applications of the MS Office and Microsoft Works office suite starting from Windows 95 and higher. Allows you to quickly edit and convert text, performs the functions of an improved notepad.

Features of Microsoft WordPad

  • Spell check option,
  • Integration into the context menu,
  • Opens different file formats,
  • Customizable interface appearance,
  • Supports date and time insertion,
  • Quick copy of selected text,
  • Changing the scale of the displayed data,
  • Allows you to create bulleted lists,
  • A large number of different styles for fonts,
  • Sending materials to other users by email,
  • Ability to open multiple documents at the same time,
  • Availability of new versions of WordPad for Windows and iOS mobile devices,
  • Auto-update software from the official Microsoft website.


  • The presence of a convenient taskbar,
  • Built-in information search window,
  • Complete absence of viruses and ads,
  • Fast sending data to the clipboard,
  • Includes an option to underline the font,
  • Ability to insert different units of measurement,
  • Import images from the graphic editor Paint,
  • Advanced set of tools for working with text,
  • Intuitive ribbon interface in Russian,
  • Uses a modern word processor 6.0 Word Processor,
  • Compatibility of the latest version of WordPad with Windows 10 and 8.1,
  • Supports documents in RTF (Rich Text Format), Office Open XML, .DOCX, .DOC formats.


  • Lack of tools to manage text formatting options,
  • Fewer features in previous versions of software for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.
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