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Midori is a lightweight and fast browser with a set of features for flexible customization of your surfing parameters. Includes built-in VPN and ad blocker, supports adding custom scripts and styles.

Features of Midori

  • Built-in VPN service,
  • Clear cache and cookie options,
  • Support for add-ons from the Market,
  • Opening multiple tabs and windows,
  • Access to privacy settings,
  • Conducting an Internet connection test,
  • Upload media files to a folder on your hard drive,
  • Management with gestures and hot keys,
  • Convenient search engine, auto-completion of typing and hints,
  • Automatic memory of the previous session, one-click restore.


  • Open source,
  • Support for HTML5, CSS3,
  • Uses GTK libraries,
  • Customizable sidebar,
  • The presence of a JavaScript console,
  • High-quality video display,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Can be installed on any Windows OS from XP and above,
  • The lightweight Midori browser is designed to work with weak processors,
  • Quick adding pages to bookmarks, as well as deleting them,
  • Midori for Linux is implemented on the basis of the WebkitGTK engine and has the corresponding functionality.


  • Interface in English,
  • Only one search engine DuckDuckGO is used.
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