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Launcher for Minecraft expands the capabilities of the original game and contains all versions of the popular sandbox. Provides easy installation of mods, skins, maps, as well as entire packs with new types of items and objects.

Features of Minecraft Launcher

  • Built-in news feed,
  • Screen resolution adjustment,
  • Wide selection of different servers,
  • Entering commands in real time,
  • Correction of various errors and bugs,
  • Fast and convenient work with mods and cheats,
  • Instant access to the user’s personal account,
  • Support for HD textures, as well as Forge and Optifine modifications,
  • Compatible with operating systems Windows, MacOS, Linux,
  • Scanning all downloaded files for viruses,
  • You can install and run Minecraft Java Edition of any revision,
  • Regular updates for the client are available on the official website of the developer,
  • Capture screenshots or videos of gameplay and save them to a specified folder on your hard drive.


  • Reduced load on RAM,
  • The presence of a working group in social networks,
  • Installation of auxiliary software is available,
  • Millions of gamers choose this particular client,
  • Ability to download any version of Minecraft,
  • Fast software launch process,
  • The absence of any virus threats and advertising content,
  • Contains popular features from tlauncher, mlauncher and flauncher,
  • The best alternative universal launcher for Minecraft,
  • Modern interface design, interface localization,
  • To install the mod you like, just press one button,
  • Integration with Windows mobile devices and Play Store online market,
  • Both licensed and fan builds of the game application from Mojang are downloaded,
  • Authorization has been fixed (now the account is logged in only once, then the login and password are saved).


  • Registration required.
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