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Acoustica Mixcraft is a powerful and easy to use professional recording studio. It involves a huge set of unique virtual instruments, as well as sound effects. The only limitation for this utility is the capabilities of your sound card. The interface is in Russian, so there will be no difficulties with understanding.

Mixcraft Features

  • Multitrack station that works like a midi sequencer station,
  • Mixcraft creates the effect of virtual instruments,
  • Support for multi-channel VST,
  • There is a non-linear video arranger,
  • Records sound from any headset,
  • Processes clips and works with video,
  • Can create the effect of stained glass synthesizers and other unique features,
  • Mixcraft accepts all popular video and audio formats: mp3, wma, ogg, wav,
  • Uses hardware inputs and outputs,
  • Possible sound shift, as well as control of tone and tempo,
  • Support for VST and ReWire plugins,
  • Video editing and DVD creation with music,
  • The ability to make pitch shift and apply various effects,
  • There is a host for connecting virtual instruments.


  • Huge library of all polar styles – create remixes to your heart’s content,
  • The program, including the mixcraft 8 version, is easy to use,
  • Interface in Russian,
  • Designed for recording and creating professional compositions,
  • Huge selection of acoustic instruments, effects,
  • Can be controlled from a Novation Launchpad MIDI controller or from a laptop keyboard in live performances,
  • A large number of templates for creating audio and editing video.


  • Russification is not complete,
  • The Mixcraft program is shareware, the trial period is valid for only 14 days.
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