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Monosnap is a popular screen capture software. Provides its own cloud storage, boasts a built-in photo editor.

Features of Monosnap

  • Adjustment of the screen area in the process of taking screenshots,
  • Storing images in the cloud service Cloud Storage,
  • The presence of the blur option,
  • Video recording function via webcam,
  • Using the Perfect 8x magnifier for zooming,
  • Built-in image editor,
  • Ability to underline text, add arrows and geometric shapes.


  • There is a version of Monosnap for Mac OS,
  • Ability to take a screenshot in games,
  • Sending videos to YouTube,
  • Saving images in PNG and JPG format,
  • Captures the selected area of ​​the monitor,
  • Data upload to FTP, SFTP, WebDav server,
  • The presence of instructions for beginners on the official website,
  • Customizable hotkeys for quick One Click snapshot,
  • Integration of the utility into the Windows context menu.


  • A small number of tools when working with video.
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