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Mouse Simulator on PC is an amazing and very interesting game about the life of a small rodent. You need to collect resources to build a mink in the forest, feed your pet and take care of his soul mate, which will help the rodent to have offspring.

Features of Mouse Simulator

  • Dynamic and interesting plot,
  • More than 50 different tasks,
  • Completing exciting quests,
  • Collection of paper, thread, branches and other items,
  • Protecting your family from aggressive animals,
  • Opportunity to visit a human dwelling,
  • Allows you to take other mice and your future spouse for a walk,
  • The presence of a huge open world with a variety of forest inhabitants,
  • It is necessary to constantly look for various provisions and collect supplies,
  • Similar games from the developer Avelog (simulator of a cat, squirrel, spider, and so on).


  • Convenient controls,
  • Fascinating gameplay,
  • Gaining experience for tasks and quests,
  • High popularity on the Play market,
  • Small installation file size,
  • Opening new opportunities upon reaching the tenth level,
  • It has high-quality graphics and realistic animation effects,
  • There is a system of rewards for the best results on the leaderboard,
  • The ability to play the simulator on your Windows device or Windows computer.


  • Crashes may occur when starting on Windows XP and Vista,
  • Some upgrades require real money to purchase.

System requirements of the game for PC or laptop :

  • RAM: 1 Gb,
  • Installed .net Framework 2.0,
  • Free hard disk space: from 100 Mb,
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 1 GHz or faster.
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