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Multifunctional browser of the new generation Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. The main distinguishing characteristics of Mozilla are convenience, safety and high speed.

Features of Mozilla Firefox

  • View sites in several open tabs at the same time,
  • Displaying the most important bookmarks right on the start page,
  • Pop-up blocking on suspicious sites,
  • Instant translation of text or unfamiliar words,
  • Entering a search query directly into the address bar,
  • Selecting a default search service,
  • Built-in tools for web developers,
  • View text documents PDF, TXT, RTF, FB2, DOC, etc.,
  • Saving data for entering sites – auto-complete login and password fields,
  • Live Bookmarks or ‘live bookmarks’ – allow you to integrate RSS feeds,
  • Automatic spell check of the entered text,
  • Changing the colors of the interface and its style, setting themes, backgrounds, as well as additional modifications using special extensions,
  • Firefox includes a built-in adblock that blocks unwanted and intrusive banners,
  • The multimedia streaming functionality allows you to seamlessly view your favorite match broadcasts and other videos directly through Mazila without installing an additional player,
  • To be the first to try out new features, you can update Firefox to a Beta build or install Firefox Developer Edition, these builds are also free but are less stable and get updates first.


  • The ability to fully customize the browser and its appearance to suit your preferences – from design to the graphical interface of tabs, bookmarks, both on Windows and in the mobile version,
  • Attractive attractive minimalist design right out of the box,
  • Integrated system of visual bookmarks (built-in panel with editing function),
  • Translation from any language by hovering over an unknown word,
  • Instant loading of web pages, accelerated content rendering,
  • Blocking of malicious sites, suspicious banners and other harmful content,
  • Convenient reading mode and viewer of pdf-files,
  • High performance web applications,
  • Powerful parental control allows you to block children from accessing any websites and trackers,
  • Convenient switching of tabs in one window, restoration of the session in case of accidental closing of all of them,
  • Sophisticated mechanism for integrating Yandex services,
  • Functional password manager with the option of backing up information,
  • A huge selection of free browser extensions in the official Firefox store, support for Chrome add-ons,
  • Ability to configure clearing cookies and cache every time you start the Mozilla Firefox browser,
  • The new engine of the Fire Fox Firefox Quantum is characterized by numerous improvements and reduced load on PC hardware – consumes less RAM and CPU resources,
  • The latest version of the Mazila Firefox browser has received high marks from independent experts and has established itself as a fast reliable browser.


  • Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported in the Firefox browser,
  • Users who are used to a ClearType (antialiased) font will have a hard time getting used to the new one.
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