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Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client created in 2008 for Firefox. The program is constantly updated and improved to improve the quality of processing received and sent letters and to improve security.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

  • The mail program functions equally well on all platforms,
  • Supports integration with other email clients Outlook Express, Bat and others,
  • Contains powerful spam filters,
  • Supports visualization, changing themes and extensions,
  • Thunderbird client supports smtp, pop3, imap, nntp, rss protocols,
  • Creates virtual folders,
  • Backup both for all mail and for individual folders.


  • Ability to add multiple accounts,
  • Full-fledged work with personal and work e-mail with support for POP, IMAP, HTML protocols,
  • Complete security of passwords and logins, protection from malicious emails and advertising,
  • Wide range of interface settings,
  • Automatic update to a newer version,
  • Surprisingly easy email setup,
  • Automatic verification of certificates,
  • Mozilla Thunderbird allows you to attach digital signatures to emails.


  • Very active spam protection limits the program’s work a little – Mozilla mail often imposes a spam filter on completely harmless messages.
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