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MSI Dragon Center is an application for working with various accessories, PCs and laptops from MSI. Allows you to configure device operation parameters, contains a set of tools for monitoring the temperature, frequency and voltage of hardware components, as well as their overclocking.

Features of MSI Dragon Center

  • Setting graphic parameters, adjusting the sound,
  • Detailed information about all computer components is displayed,
  • The presence of presets for comfortable watching movies and listening to music,
  • Pre-installed tools for adjusting fan speed,
  • Game mode is provided to get the best PC performance in games.


  • Nice modern interface,
  • Convenient control using hot keys,
  • The application can be launched from the context menu,
  • The presence of a tab with background information for beginners,
  • Allows you to adjust the display performance of the monitor,
  • Supports customizing keyboard profiles for some MSI laptops,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the developers.


  • Available to run only on Windows 10,
  • Some functional restrictions in the Free version.
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