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The MSQRD (Masquerade) program allows the user to create an animated photo and selfie video using various animal masks or faces of famous people.

Features of MSQRD

  • Try on the image of a famous person or animal in real time,
  • Share ready-made photos and video files with friends on social networks and mobile messengers,
  • Save the resulting image or selfie video to the gallery of your smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 or tablet.


  • Simple and clear interface,
  • Developers are constantly supplementing the collection with new animated masks,
  • Jimmy Kimmel, Tony Stark, Leonardo DiCaprio, Conchita Wurst and other odious 3D mask models in the base version,
  • The dynamic mask adapts to facial expressions and copies the facial expression of the recipient,
  • The program automatically analyzes facial features in real time, without additional settings,
  • The Masquerade application is fully Russified and available for owners of mobile devices with OS Windows 4.3+,
  • Working in the application is very easy, just look into the camera lens and add effects (carnival masks, faces, etc.),
  • The popular MSQRD application uses a sophisticated face recognition algorithm, automatically applying real-time filters,
  • Cross-platform – availability of versions for iOS, Windows, Windows.
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