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The msvcp120.dll file is included in the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 package and is responsible for the correct operation of many games and applications. Due to the missing or damaged dynamic library, a common error occurs: ‘The program cannot be started, msvcp120.dll is missing.’ You can solve the problem by installing the missing component yourself.

Features of msvcp120.dll

  • Optimization of Windows 10,
  • Correct launch of various games and programs,
  • Fixes system errors in the Microsoft Visual Studio Library.


  • Troubleshooting DLL file ‘Microsoft® Runtime Library’,
  • Supports Windows operating system from XP and above (x32, x64),
  • Fixing the error ‘The computer is missing msvcp120.dll or the specified module was found.’


  • In some cases, the problem is solved by reinstalling the Visual C++ package.
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