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MyOffice Documents is a universal application for editing text and tables in popular formats. Includes features for creating presentations, PDF viewer, integrates with cloud storage.

Features MyOffice

  • Fine-tuning print output,
  • A set of templates with styles for fonts,
  • Integrated a handy hint for beginners,
  • Sending files as an attachment by email,
  • Editing and processing of text documents and tables,
  • Allows you to compare original and edited materials,
  • Integration with cloud services for online file storage,
  • Saving changes to a folder on the HDD with a single click of the mouse,
  • Availability of MyOffice client for Windows smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s and tablets, synchronization between multiple devices,
  • Automatic connection to the server for project sharing, support for communication with other users.


  • Low system requirements,
  • Working with the usual file manager window,
  • High speed of installation and launch of the program,
  • Ensures high quality of created content,
  • Ensures the security of the user’s personal data,
  • Option to import images and graphic objects,
  • A functional product uses new cloud technologies,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the developer,
  • MyOffice Standard is certified for use in government organizations,
  • It is a good solution for both educational purposes and business.


  • More features in the advanced version.
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