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In the computer game My Summer Car, you will be able to assemble the car yourself, selecting and installing every part of it. Complete interesting tasks, earn money and keep improving your vehicle.

Features of My Summer Car

  • Complete freedom of action,
  • Realism of the environment,
  • The need to feed the character,
  • Organization of races with other players,
  • High-quality story trailer and gameplay,
  • Many exciting missions and quests,
  • You can go on a long trip around the suburbs,
  • A wide range of various parts and tools,
  • Assembling a retro car in your own garage or on the street,
  • Automatic change of weather conditions and time of day,
  • Various battered cars requiring professional repair.


  • Quick installation on PC,
  • Realistic physics and mechanics,
  • Plausible speed development,
  • Nothing is cut or recoded,
  • Integration with the Steam Game Center service,
  • Fixed a bug with loading saves,
  • You can take screenshots of the gameplay,
  • Supports virtual reality glasses,
  • Technology for protecting confidential data CODEX,
  • Includes Driving Simulator, 3D, Racing, Indie genres,
  • The publisher continues to release updates and mods for the sandbox,
  • Built-in constructor for collecting and customizing suspension, wheels, engine, spark plugs and other components.


  • Pretty high load on RAM,
  • There are problems with the launch of the Truck Mod add-on,
  • English voice acting (you can install crack),
  • The full version of Summer Car v30.01.2019 PC contains paid content, while the game is still under development.
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