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The MyCam program is convenient to use when capturing video from a webcam and generating screenshots. You can easily adjust the frame rate per second, as well as the features of the resulting image quality, by setting the desired path to the folder when saving material on your computer.


  • Saving screenshots in BMP and JPEG format,
  • Video recordings in AVI and MJPEG extensions,
  • Any modern Windows operating system is supported,
  • Choosing the optimal directory for automatic storage of content,
  • Multiple cameras are allowed when capturing the screen.


  • Ability to record video from webcams during a conversation or conference,
  • Customizable quality of the resulting images, changing the parameters of the number of frames,
  • The MyCam program does not require pre-installation, an instant launch through the icon is enough,
  • The utility is easy to use, has a simple and intuitive interface.


  • There may be rare crashes when working with the Windows 10 platform,
  • The lack of a full-fledged Russian-language menu design.
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