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nanoCAD is a universal CAD program from the Russian company Nanosoft for designing and creating drawings. Works with AutoCAD DWG files of any version. Allows you to correctly and efficiently draw up design documentation, taking into account all GOSTs of the Russian Federation.

Features of nanoCAD

  • Using different types of tables,
  • Customizable interface elements,
  • Adding text and vector graphics,
  • Support for DWG and DXF files,
  • View your documents on any device,
  • Full-fledged work with 2D and 3D drawing elements,
  • Rapid preparation of working documentation for project tasks,
  • Comfortable system for entering commands with hot keys,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the nanoCAD developer.


  • Russian localization of the menu,
  • Quick selection of the required tool,
  • Convenient and easy to use ribbon interface,
  • Insertion of external elements, different types of lines and fonts,
  • Compatibility of the new version of nanoCAD 5.1 Free with Windows 10,
  • Creation and editing of images in raster format,
  • It is an excellent alternative to Autocad for 3D modeling
  • Manipulation of AutoCAD objects using Teigha libraries,
  • Ability to get answers to questions from technical support,
  • Export / import files from other applications and programs for drawing.


  • Does not work with Windows XP,
  • The paid version of nanoCAD Plus 10 has more features.
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