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NeoSpy monitors in detail all activities on the computer in hidden or open mode. It seamlessly integrates into the system tray, can send reports with the results of surveillance to the owner’s e-mail.

Features of NeoSpy

  • Flexible work settings,
  • Geolocation option,
  • Tracks visited sites,
  • Hot key control,
  • Can run in stealth mode,
  • Able to take screenshots of the desktop,
  • Intercepts incoming/outgoing traffic,
  • Access to all task manager modules,
  • Automatically starts when Windows starts,
  • Blocking unwanted and malicious files from the network,
  • Collects information about running applications and services,
  • You can view the saved data from mobile devices,
  • Supports online tracking (requires account registration),
  • Allows you to control and keep records of text typed on the keyboard.


  • Fast software installation process,
  • Convenient functional panels,
  • Compatible with any OS versions,
  • Sends obsolete data to the trash,
  • Information leakage protection tool,
  • Detailed diagnostics of the file system,
  • Standard window mode or work from tray,
  • Displays options for printing from various printers,
  • Enable / disable the client by pressing one button,
  • Built-in algorithm for intercepting messages in social networks,
  • A clear Russian-language menu against the background of most analogues,
  • Saving administrator passwords from Windows accounts to a USB flash drive,
  • You can leave feedback about the spyware on the official website of the developer.


  • More features in the full version of NeoSpy Pro 5.6,
  • Demo mode allows you to use the features for up to 60 minutes per day.
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