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Nero Burning Rom 2014

Nero Burning Rom is a program designed to burn, erase, rewrite and create any kind of discs, even bootable ones. The first product released by Nero AG. Using the utility, you can apply images to a disk, copy it and encrypt data on it.

Features of Nero Burning Rom

  • Creation of Audio CDs, Video DVDs and bootable discs for auto-installers and large files,
  • Deleting or overwriting data on rewritable discs (RW) on ISO, UDF systems,
  • Reading and writing ISO image format (disc images),
  • Copying discs.


  • Supported media formats for burning – from DVD CD and CD-R CD-RW to DL, BD-RE, BD-R,
  • Drawing images to disk using LightScribe and LabelFlash technologies,
  • Encryption of the files you need on the disk using the SecurDisc tool, as well as additional protection functions through digital signature and copy prohibition, all with the same help of SecurDisc CD/DVD/Blu-ray,
  • Ability to transcode audio files,
  • Support for CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and HD discs,
  • With Nero Discspan you can split a large file and burn it on two or more discs.


  • High price,
  • Paid add-ons that few people may need,
  • Sometimes errors may appear in the middle of the recording, after which it will be interrupted.
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