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NetBeans is an open source IDE. It features support for the most popular programming languages ​​Java, Python, PHP, Groovy, HTML, С/С++ and JS.

Features of NetBeans

  • Support PHP, C/C++, Java, JavaFX, Python, HTML, Groovy and so on,
  • Refactoring, profiling, highlighting syntactic constructions with color,
  • Integrated GUI builder,
  • Ability to connect modules and frameworks,
  • Execution of code in a step-by-step mode,
  • Allows you to manage menu design and pop-up windows,
  • Automatic processing of spacing and indentation in scripts,
  • The function of detecting and correcting errors in the source code,
  • The NetBeans Development Platform supports customization of user interfaces,
  • Built-in tools for developing modular, desktop and mobile applications in NetBeans.


  • A large number of code templates,
  • Automatic data saving option,
  • Nice NetBeans 10.0 interface with easy controls,
  • Availability of reference information for beginners,
  • Tools available for creating Windows applications,
  • Visual Library – built-in library with visual effects,
  • NetBeans IDE 8.2 compatibility with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS,
  • The presence of step-by-step wizards for learning various programming languages.


  • Apache NetBeans software updates are missing from the official site,
  • Since version 6.0, the project has dropped support for the Ruby language,
  • Often, NetBeans requires additional J2EE components and the Sun JDK to be installed.
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